Entrepreneurship contributes fundamentally to economic growth. New job creation comes primarily from young and growing companies. Innovation, too, depends heavily on entrepreneurial firms. Entrepreneurs not only discover problems facing society; they exist to solve those problems. In this context, it is no surprise that substantial research has been devoted to understanding the phenomenon of entrepreneurship including the need for answers to these key questions: 
Why do people become entrepreneurs? 
What is the benefit of entrepreneurship to the economy and society in general? 
How can we encourage the growth of entrepreneurship? 
What can we do to support entrepreneurs in their drive to succeed?
The Nathalie Virem Foundation is the premiere resource for developing enlightened, aligned, committed and engaged leaders of thriving entrepreneurial ventures.
The Nathalie Virem Foundation guides and shapes future leaders to align their personal and business purpose in a way that fulfills them and generates more meaning, so they can have a bigger and more positive impact in the world.
Business Description
From serving the underprivileged to the gifted, from late teenagers through middle-aged individuals, from natural born U.S. citizens to others around the globe, the The Nathalie Virem Foundation offers the following services:
 Conduct ongoing leadership and entrepreneurial development training, via scheduled curriculum that focuses on the following content: build a meaningful business step-by-step; get absolute clarity (who you are, business vision, and values); find your higher purpose and turn it into a thriving business; master your mindset; take purpose-driven action; build the affiliations, and expertise to bring your vision to life; monetize your business and create sustained wealth; a process for developing proof your business will work in any economy; build a legacy and make a bigger impact in the world; have no regrets, and find eternal joy.
 Utilize a variety of platforms including workshops, seminars, coaching, mentoring, internships and networking to deliver ongoing entrepreneurship training and development.
 Offer books, videos and other learning and business development products.
 Create a brick and mortar Entrepreneurship Center.
 Develop micro-entrepreneurial ventures (including a clothing line.)
 Create national and international exchange programs.
Our goal with the Nathalie Virem Foundation is to work with entrepreneurs to ensure long term success by helping them in their early years to identify their calling and develop the mindset, skills and tools they need to thrive in business.
About The Founder Nathalie Virem
Beginnings and Realizations
In 2014, Nathalie Virem was at a major crossroads in her life. She had worked hard and followed a traditional, linear path of getting educated and joining the corporate world. However, that year, as she watched her mother suffer approach the end of her life due to cancer, Nathalie started reflecting on her own life. She had accomplished everything she thought she wanted in life. She earned her MBA, secured a Green Card to immigrate from Spain to the United States and was hired for a Fortune 500 company. But she soon realized that she wasn’t living the life she wanted. Actually, she didn’t even know what she wanted. And she was painfully unfulfilled. Death being certain for all of us, she hit a breaking point and decided to get clarity toward her own hopes and dreams.

Starting a Business
Exhausted and frustrated, she made a decision. She decided to follow a less traditional path of learning. She learned how to listen to her heart and intuition as she sought answers for life’s most important questions. By February 2015, she completed formal training as a coach through the world- renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and launched her coaching business. She chose to follow the ”path of a heart,” and in doing so, she was able to finally see, hear and feel her life’s purpose.

The Moment that Changed Everything
During her transformation as an entrepreneur, she struggled. The first few years were stressful, and she experienced financial and emotional challenges. She had invested thousands of dollars in her business, but she wasn’t generating the results she expected and wanted. However, despite all obstacles, she kept moving forward. She was determined to figure out how to make her business profitable and sustainable.

Listening for the First Time
The answer finally became clear. She needed to align her personal calling with her business purpose. It became impossible to see one without the other. Sharing her gift with the world and solving a pain for the greater good became her mission. It was bigger than she, and she wasn’t willing to exist without it. For her, there was only one option, and that was to figure out how to succeed in business and do so in perfect alignment with her heart. Once she experienced this significant transformation, she could no longer go back. And no matter how many obstacles came her way, she always chose purpose, freedom and fulfillment over security. She didn’t give up.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, she had to take a completely different approach by obtaining full clarity on her vision, mastering her mindset, shifting her circle of influence, taking substantial action towards building a brand perfectly aligned with that vision, gaining complete trust in herself and the universe. This is what she proposes to do for others through the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

A Thriving Business
The result? With her vision, fulfillment, and results in alignment, she wrote her first book, “Live With Purpose”, which when published in 2016 became an Amazon international best-seller in over 10 self-help and business categories. This accomplishment was the foundation for her course on Entrepreneurship at Cal State University, Los Angeles and it will fuel future books on business growth, vitality and success.

Sometimes clarity comes from the tests life presents you. In Nathalie’s case, her mother’s death opened the door for her. She is now clear on where she is heading, on her life’s purpose and how that purpose reflects in her business like a mirror. She is in control and fulfilled. She realizes, when it is time for her to go, she can look back and see how much she’s accomplished, and smile.
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