The Nathalie Virem Foundation is the premiere resource for developing enlightened, aligned, committed and engaged leaders of meaningful, thriving and ethically sustainable ventures that serve the greater good. 

The bigger picture of the Foundation includes charity events with global media coverage raising funds through charitable contributions and donations for human development projects.

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''Guiding and shaping future leaders to...

... align their personal and business purpose in a way that fulfills them and generates more meaning, so they can have a bigger and more positive impact in the world.''
Nathalie Virem, Founder
We are developing the single largest worldwide academy for conscious business owners, executives, and leaders. This academy offers events (workshops, seminars, retreats), online courses, books, and scholarships for underprivileged business students and entrepreneurs.
Our goal with the Nathalie Virem Foundation is to work with worldwide entrepreneurs and leaders to ensure long term success by helping them in their early years to identify their calling and develop the mindset, skills and tools they need to thrive in business.
We deliver workshops, seminars and galas that conduct ongoing leadership and entrepreneurial development training,
via scheduled curriculum. Unlike other events,  we focus on developing relationships and experiences that will bring you real results.

The Live With Purpose Line of clothes offers shirts, pants, hoodies, joggers, hats and accessories for entrepreneurial women and men.

100% of clothing sales are allocated towards the Foundation projects to supports entrepreneurs!
100% of grants and/or donations support worldwide business owners and executives. All funds received are used for the following purposes:
1. Events
2. Product Sales
3. Staffing
4. Office
5. Documentary 
6. Centers
The Nathalie Virem Foundation has received two   “Certificate of Recognition” awards from the State 
of California and the City of Los Angeles for the outstanding 
philanthropic work, dedication, 
commitment and  efforts towards developing  professional business
leaders and contributing  to strong local economies in order to make a more  positive impact  throughout the city of Los Angeles. 
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